[News] 5dolls Soomi ''Debuting 3 times.. would like to get a rookie award''

Soomi of Coed's female sub-unit, 5dolls, revealed a strong desire.

In a recent interview with Kuki News, Soomi said, "I've debuted three times, but I've never gotten a rookie award. I'm starting to envy the winners," she said.

Soomi joined SeeYa and debuted in November 2009. She took over the place of Nam Gyuri in the group at the time, and it wasn't possible for SeeYa to win a rookie award. After, she became the leader of the mixed group Coed, and now for 5dolls.

Soomi said, "It's my first time being a senior in a rookie group. Each group I've been in, I've tried to improve and show a different look and hopefully be able to win a rookie award. I think of this nowadays whenever I make a mistake on stage. I unconditionally give my best and greatest effort every time."

SeeYa disbanded shortly after Soomi debuted in Coed, and expressed sadness for not being able to take part in the final album.

"It was sad for me not to participate in the last album, since I was busy with my own group activities. In the future I want to be with Boram and Yeonji unnie again. Like in the past during Wonder Woman," Soomi said hopefully.

Source: Nate
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Core Clique - #1 Source to Coed School