[News] 5dolls Eunkyo ''Doojoon oppa is the one who said congratulations first''

The last member to join ‘5dolls’ maknae Eunkyo, who was a JYP trainee with BEAST’s Yoon Doojoon and 2PM’s Wooyoung. Eunkyo who had a dream to became a singer since 7 years old.

- The photo taken with 2PM’s Wooyoung is being discussed a lot, do you perhaps got a lot of advice? Also who said congratulations on your debut first?

“I go to the same hairshop as Doojoon oppa. One day I accidentally met Doojoon oppa, “Hello?” I greet him “Oh! It’s Eunkyo!” he said. Then oppa said “Eunkyoya what happened?? he asked “I’m Coed’s new member and I will start my activity with the sub unit 5dolls” He said, “Congratulations on your debut." Woououng oppa too through text message said do your best and congratulations on your debut. The person who said congratulations on my debut first is Doojoon oppa. From my trainee days Doojoon and Wooyoung oppa is the closest to me, maybe that’s why (Smiles)"

- Some netizens said about how you look.. Is your young heart hurt by it..?

“I definitely don’t feel sad and I don’t get hurt, too. I think it’s the charm that only I have, because of that my heart doesn’t feel hurt”

- In this 5dolls music video Park Jaebum is the main character. On the filming is there anything funny that happen?”

“He’s a really chic and cool person. He’s living overseas so his pronunciation is not good, haha! In the music video when Chanmi unnie falls on Jaebum, oppa will say ‘Chanmiya wake up (yireona),” but oppa said ‘wake up wake up(yirueonoa)’ So there’s a lot of NG like that (Smiles)”

Source: Nate
Translated by: ela @ Core Clique