[NEWS] 110320 IU-Lee Kikwang, ‘Inkigayo’ MC Launching…Fantastic Co-operation @B2stGK


10320 IU-Lee Kikwang, ‘Inkigayo’ MC Launching…Fantastic Co-operation

The new faces of ‘Inkigayo’ IU and BEAST’s Lee Kikwang successfully carried out their first broadcasting.

IU and Lee Kikwang had their first stage at SBS ‘Inkigayo’ live on the 20th.

The two became the faces of ‘Inkigayo’ following the lead of Jokwon(2AM)- Sully(F(x)) and Jung Yonghwa(CNBLUE) who were the MCs. ‘Inkigayo’ which was always a 2~3 MCs system transformed into a large MC group with pairs of females and males from this day.

IU and Lee Kikwang showed relatively nervous faces. But as soon as they went into the live program they co-operated well like their previous MCs with their fluent speaking skills and dazzling progression.

This day the two MCs performed ‘Hawaiian Couple’ by Humming Urban Stereo as their introductory song.

Right after the program IU said “Before I used to be the MC of other music programs but live shows are really nerve wrecking” and “I completed my first program due to the help of Jokwon and Sully before it” and showed her thanks to the previous MCs.

Lee Kikwang said “I was very nervous since it’s my first MV debut. But I learned how to get comfortable with the camera due to the previous variety shows I was it and above all, I felt comfortable since I’m close friends with Jokwon” and “I tried to carry out my task while enjoying”.

Continuing, he said “Inkigayo is a program we have watched and dreamt of since we were young” and “I feel proud of myself for introducing both new and existing artists as an MC” and showed his happiness.

On the other side this day on ‘Inkigayo’, Big Bang took the 1st place Mutizen song with their fourth mini album title song ‘Tonight’. Other than that DBSK, Hweesung, K-will, MBLAQ, Ka Hee, Lee Hyun, Infinite, Kim Hyunjung, ZE:A, J-Cera, LPG, Flower, CHI CHI, M4, Girls Day, Teen Top etc. casted.