[NEWS] 110205 Teen Top Performance on JCN x M.Net, Japanese Showcase

JCN x Mnet held an event and invited Mnet's members 250 pairs for free.
New generation boys band TEENTOP from Korea made a guest appearance in this event.

At first, members came on stage and started to perform "Clap".
The event started with audience's huge excitement.

≪Enjoying school life with TEENTOP≫
According to the concept "Enjoying school life with TEENTOP!", desks and chairs were prepared on the stage. TEENTOP as students took theirs seats and each member greeted the audience.
They who held an official fan meeting in November came to Japan for the first time in 3 months and finished shooting public recording of Mnet's K-POP ZONE on the day before. The class was started with their speech, "Yesterday, fan's cheering made us did our best.We had so fun time, so please give us your cheering today,too".

All members of TEENTOP are teenagers.
When MC(?) told the audience two members would be entering high school this year, the audience gave a shout of

Making a couple of players, each member painted partner's portrait and introduced it.

Chunji: <→showing cap's portrait>
His nickname is monkey... and his character is like a Gorilla. (laughter) He has a little of being a hot temper.

C.A.P: <→Chunji> (When he showed Chunji's portrait, it made the audience got laugh)
Unclouded eyes, small face and i wanted to add his broad shoulders too but the result is like this. Character is innocent and mischievous.

L.Joe: <→Niel> (lips which he painted made the audience got laugh)
At first, these lips I painted are true to life. About his character, he is really good boy.

Niel: <→L.Joe> He looks like a chick.His present hair color is pink, it seems to be a cockscomb.

Ricky: <→Changjo> I observe his face and paint this as his face. As you can see, his face is like a naughty boy.He has a little of being a brat.

Changjo: <→Ricky> We are at same age and maknaes but Ricky is pretty for me.
I paint his portrait with the image of a child. He's still a boy, but he gets matured little by little.I painted like that boy.

≪National Language class≫
Playing the word game by using world proverbs and famous lines in movies.

1.Making a sentence by using "a family is death to an artist."(From Movie"Shadows and Fog")

Chunji: "Water and rides are death to CAP"...he doesn't like a swimming pool, sea, and rides in an amusement park.
MC: Do you hate an amusement park?
C.A.P: I never go there.
MC: Does it mean you wouldn't like to go to an amusement park on a date?
C.A.P: I've never thought like that.(audience:laughter)

Chunji: "Without full lips is death to Niel"
MC: Does it mean these lips are pride?
Niel: Don't you think so?These are charming,right?(audience: hand clap)

Ricky: "Without caps is death to CAP hyung"
C.A.P: Because I like caps.I like to collect caps and i wear a cap on 300days out of 365days

MC: How many caps do you have?
C.A.P: I've never count how many, but I think I have more than 100.
MC: Is your room filled with caps?
C.A.P: Yes, almost.In my bed, there are my caps about half of my clothes(?).

He is said that caps suit cap from other members, he revealed the origin of his stage name. "It's come from Charisma's C etc which I consulted with office stuffs and decided. But it's came from reason I like caps after all. "

2.Making a sentence by using "I would like to paint the way a bird sings."(Painter Claude Monet)

L.Joe: "I would like to have full lips as Niel has."I sometimes watch his lips and I think so.
MC: Everyone praised your lips,how do you feel about ?
Niel: I've never thought my lips has great popularity like this.

Niel: "I would like to sing and dance the way Michael Jackson did."
MC: As we have seen, you're very good at.Aren't you?
Niel: Thank you very much.

≪Music class≫
MC: Your second single CD has just been on sale.Could you talk about it?
Niel: "Supa Luv" is the song about a confident man saying to a lady "There's no one in the world can love you as much as I can."

MV of that song was screened. In that MV, Eric gave each member missions of looking for "Supa Luv". "He gave us various advices and said to us "Don't be nervous." at the shooting location. He reminded staying there and checked our acting after his shooting. We are thankful to him for watching over us."

Then,they were asked to show their choreography of "Supa Luv" and showed choreography of blowing kisses. They said "Walking or sleeping, we practiced on jumping choreography in the street or dorm. We did so hard that I couldn't count it."
Then, they showed precise choreography of jumping and said "That's why we are TEENTOP." The audience clapped their hands and cheered wildly. They also showed "Supa Luv" after they showed "Matrix dance" Ricky's bending himself back and "Affected city boy's dance"all members moving their shoulders. The perfect performance made the audience excited so much.

≪A questionnaire with 100 female middle and high-school students. Who do you choose as your boyfriend?≫

During recess, interview with students choosing one member from TEENTOP as your boyfriend was screened and members predicted that ranking. They were glad and sad at the result of the questionnaire.

≪Physical training class≫
They had the game played by two teams of each member given the theme"a fan who is ____ ."
They had to search and take that fan to the stage as soon as possible.
Ricky searching "parent and child" and CAP searching "a fan whose birthday is today" won first place in each team. They had arm wrestling, and CAP won at last.
He got 100,000 yen tickets for expensive Yakiniku restaurant, but he said "Whoever wins, we use them together."


They read homework of essays they wrote about their dreams.

My dream is working hard with members of TEENTOP.And it is not big dream.
When we'll make our album, I and L.Joe will take part in that album not as a rapper.

My dream of becoming a singer came true.
I get an another dream is to be a singer and maintain our friendship with Shinhwa seniors, loved by fans for a long time and standing by fans.
I understand how hard it is, but I want make it true as a member of TEENTOP.

At first, I wanna be the top many people appreciate.
But most important thing is to be a band having solid combination and known as our
perfect teamwork.
So, we work so hard and keep making our efforts to be the top.

Changjo: We made our debut as boys band TEENTOP. We set a higher ambition and keep to make an effort to fulfill it. I want to show audience our great performance on the stage and become famous in the world.

Ricky: My dream is becoming a singer everyone knows in Korea since I've become a singer. When that dream will come true, I want our song ranked 1st in the Oricon charts. And I have a small dream, I want to go to Tokyo Disneyland and ride on rides without fast pass. At last, we want to be at the top, being ganged over many decades.

Niel: I want to maintain our friendship with Shinhwa seniors and to be at the top.

Finally, they said "We'll be releasing Japanese album and begin activities, so please give us your love and support.” and showed "Let’s Dance" and "Angel".
The special event was finished after they hold a lottery suddenly and gifted 10 people CD's they signed.


Their figure as a cyborg which is talked about and precise dance are impressive, their audience was riveted.
Even though TEENTOP's members are teenagers, they have true ability of dance and sing roll into one.
Their success is expected!

SOURCE : K-Plaza.com
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