[NEWS] Super Junior-M “New Members Make The Group More ‘Perfect’, But Jay Chou’s Song Is Hard To Sing”

On the 3rd of March, idol group Super Junior-M went to Shanghai with a new concept, to kick start promotional activities for their new 2nd mini album, Too Perfect. During this special interview, member Kyuhyun introduced the two new members, Eunhyuk and Sungmin, “They joining our group have made this sub-group more perfect, just like our new album title, Too Perfect.” The album also include Love Is Sweet, a song produced by Jay Chou and Fang Wen Shan, which Super Junior-M members added that it was an exceptionally difficult song to sing.

Avoids Talking About Hankyung, Additional Members Makes Super Junior-M More Perfect

After undergoing changes, Super Junior-M is back in the Chinese music industry, with new members like Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Sungmin. Kyuhyun expressed his thoughts about the additional 2 members, “They joining the group have made this sub-unit more perfect, just like our new album name, Too Perfect. Eunhyuk, who is part of the dance and Sungmin, who is part of the singing, have helped us a lot. Member Zhou Mi also added, “I hope Too Perfect is a new start for Super Junior-M.” Indicating that the members are going to move on, and questions regarding Hankyung were already filtered through by staff members before the conference.

The album Too Perfect also includes works from Henry and Zhou Mi. According to Henry, the song Off My Mind was done together with his friend at his university in America, and not only did he composed the song, but wrote the lyrics as well. “Even though my standard of Mandarin isn’t very good, but I tried my best to write this song.” Since the debut of Super Junior-M, Zhou Mi has participated in writing lyrics for every song in all their albums. He said, “I always had a dream, that for every Super Junior-M album, I would have a chance to participate in the producing stage. But now, not only do I write the lyrics, I have also tried composing. I hope I can make better music for everyone to listen.”

Mad Practice Of Mandarin, Confesses That Jay Chou’s Song Is Really Hard To Sing

The album Too Perfect does not only consist of songs written by the members of Super Junior-M, but also Jay Chou – Fang Wen Shan produced, Love Is Sweet. Zhou Mi confessed, “Jay Chou is Henry’s favourite singer, and not only is Henry exceptionally happy, but all 8 of us are honoured. The song is really nice to listen, but the pronunciations are really difficult. The members all tried their best during practice to make sure that our pronunciations are accurate.” Eunhyuk also confessed that the rap in Love Is Sweet “was a really difficult part.” SJ-M also express that they wish to have more opportunities to work with other artists from the industry. Kyuhyun added, “I wish to work with Zhang Hui Mei (A-Mei), and only me and Zhang Hui Mei.”

During the course of recording, Chinese member Zhou Mi was a Mandarin teacher to all of the members. Sungmin said, “This is my first time recording a Chinese song. To get the perfect pronunciations were really difficult, so I learnt from Zhou Mi. For every recording, Zhou Mi will help me. Although it is really difficult, we still managed to finish it in the end.” According to Zhou Mi, who are the most obedient student, and the most playful? “Everyone is really serious, and when you tell them that their pronunciation is wrong, they will change. As for who is most playful, it will be Kyuhyun. Because his pronunciations are really good, there wasn’t a need for me to worry. But on times when I tell him that he is wrong, he will laugh at him and say, ‘Could it be that your pronunciation is wrong?’ In this album, everyone really did well and it was an improvement.”

Siwon’s “Disappearance” Makes Him The ‘Perfect Boyfriend’ To The Members

8 members group of Super Junior-M arrived at the press conference, missing Choi Siwon. Regarding his ‘absence’, the company did not give any reasons, but stated that he will be present on the 5th of March at Super Junior’s concert in Shanghai. The new album name is Too Perfect, and when the members were asked about who is the most perfect boyfriend among the Super Junior-M members, Henry pointed at himself, while Sungmin stood up from his chair, eliciting laughs from everyone. In the end, Kyuhyun decides that, “Since this time, there are only 7 of us here, and Super Junior-M has 8 people, but we are without Siwon, so we will make him the most perfect boyfriend.”

Kyuhyun, who had arrived in Beijing earlier to do a recording for a show, stated that he sang Tan Te, and is very up to date about the songs in Mainland. When one of the reporter requested that Kyuhyun to sing a few lines, he flushed and said, “During the show, there were a lot of fans and the hosts were asking me to sing, so I have no choice. A lot of people are also looking forward to this performance. That time, I ‘wasn’t feeling good’* so I performed. But now, I feel good*, so I don’t think I want to perform. Perhaps next time, when there is a chance, I will perform for everyone to see.”

*I think he meant the feel of the song.

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