[ENG] Eunhyuk’s Letter To Sukira Listeners (Eunhyuk's Last Day) MUST READ!

Although (I’ve) already mentioned (this) before, you guys (,) the only ones who received the letter written by the best group DJ (;) Eunhyuk, its good to take that sense of responsibility away.

Eunhyuk DJ really has to leave temporarily, (to me,) it’s a night whereby I have many things to say to everyone. Everyone (,) everyone will probably feel the same while listening to (me reading out) my letter, it doesn’t matter (if you guys) got a shock; it’s written just like this.

In these 5 years, during this period of time, doing things while sitting in this position, spending every night together (with all of you), it felt really blissful. Me (,) having to leave this position for a couple of months, it’s not a permanent farewell. Just like this (,) let’s continue to stay together. Although it’s a temporary farewell, today’s leaving is my most selfish decision in my whole life, (it’s) a decision made due to my job, please respect (it).

And Leeteuk-shi, when introducing songs using English, don’t always push it to Yesung, you read some yourself too. When I’m not around, don’t randomly take pictures with female guests. Also (,) talk about topics regarding me often, and Yesung-shi, (you) did really well during this period of time to have come to this position, (do) according to what our listeners say, (they) really like adorable things, adorable actions, acting cute, it’s tired doing (all) these but please show (these to them) often.

And Leeteuk-shi, don’t be too hurt or (feel) inferior when there’s no reactions to your jokes, (you’re) a meek person. So (I) only (have) all these requests, and please (,) really have to talk about topics regarding me (during Sukira).

Ah really, now (I’m) left with less than 3 minutes of time. (I’ll) say a bit more now. My first Sukira (DJ broadcast) was 2006 August 21th, really.. Actually I really didn’t think that I could be a DJ, (I’m) not good at words, wasn’t active at that point of time too. People who allowed me in becoming a DJ (,) really very thankful, in these 5 years (,) the ones who always listen to my voice every night at 10pm, really very thankful to everyone. I really won’t cry today, because I’ll be back. Because I’ll be back after 3 months or so, (thus) I’ll not let everyone notice my tears. Really. (I) should be smiling actually, and when I’m in China, everyone must show (me/us) more support, I’ll always miss Sukira. And having the thought of Leeteuk-hyung and Yesung-hyung who are sitting here (in these positions) in me, (I’ll) work hard in activities.

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