[Info] SHINee's Key receives praise for good father skills

It seems like the members of SHINee are bursting with good deeds! While we recently covered a fan account of Taemin rescuing a cat, a blog post about Key taking care of a Korean mother's child has also gained a lot of attention.

On the road to Daegu to see her mother, the Korean blogger (a mother herself but not a Shawol) saw SHINee's Key sitting in the same row as her family. In the middle of the trip, her son went to the idol's side and continuously pestered him. Instead of getting annoyed at the child, Key gave him cookies and played with him.

She commented, "He really is a well-behaved youth!" Because of Key, her trip to Daegu was very relaxing. Even after the train had reached Daegu, Key held onto her son's hand until he had helped him down the train exit.

The blogger continued to praise the idol, "I believe that Key will definitely be a good father after marriage. ^^"

Do you agree?

Source: smtownjjang