[Fanaccount] Kim Hyun Joong & Kim Junsu attending a wedding ceremony

At a oppa’s (relative) wedding ceremony, Xiah Junsu and Kim Hyun Joong appeared.

Didn’t search around on purpose, just seated there will be able to spot the face of a artist?
I can. kekekekekekekekekek

At the artist football club that oppa is in, have heard that there’s Xiah Junsu but it also have Kim Hyun Joong.

Wedding host is KBS SSJBD’s emcee Kim HyeonUk, wedding blessing song is by comedian twins Lee SangHo and Lee SangMin, and Xiah Junsu…..

Why didn’t I bring my camera that day?

So many artists, using handphone to take definitely cannot take all, mainly is to take Kim Hyun Joong and Xiah Junsu, after taking pic of all artists, after that when it’s turn to take only with Kim Hyun Joong, I’m just totally like a ahjumma using all my might and pushed my handphone forward,
my father said ‘You are already married, why are you still like that??’
Father, am I a disgrace????

But what to do, if don’t take it now, will not be able to take anymore.

Have been carrying camera everyday but why didn’t bring today, really so heartbreaking.

When oppa said Kim Hyun Joong is coming, I thought it’s a lie. Thinking it’s a lie so I didn’t want to see it. If really came, can still take solo picture with Kim Hyun Joong and Xiah Junsu….

Getting older, will get excited seeing artists, so nice. Especially when seeing such dashing artist.

If only can get to see Hyun Bin for once….


Credit: Cyworld + (chi trans) 薇薇@Hyunbar + (eng trans) kelemama@501wangja.multiply.com