[Audio] American producers GoodWill & MGI produce song exclusively for ELF

American producers GoodWill & MGI has been said to be the producers of Super Junior's 5jib single "Gotcha Numbah".

GoodWill & MGI have been producing and writing with numerous major label artists and writers in the US, Europe and Asia including Super Junior, Akon, Sean Kingston, Justin Bieber, Kat De Luna, 50 Cent, Jadakiss, Twista, JR Rotem, Jim Jonsin, Darkchild, and many more.

Few months ago upon the information have been disclosed that these producers worked with SJ, ELF in twitter started to get in touch with GoodWill on twitter @

For some agreements GoodWill became an ELF and started to interact with Super Junior fans on twitter. ELF had a good time introducing each member to GoodWill and GoodWill promised to produce an ELFsong to show his gratitude.

The song has been released on March 23, on Youtube and ELF have different responses towards the song. The song has catchy beat/melody and some lyrics have something to do with GoodWill's and ELF's exchange of tweets in the past.

FYI: ELF are the only Kpop fandom who received an offered song from an American composer/songwriter/producer for free.

Listen to the song here:

written by: shaynekay@dkpopnews.net