[Announcement] Recruiting Contributors + Authors + Translators (Korean & Chinese)

Hello Dear Readers !

1. We have an announcement to make, DKP is currently looking for Korean/Chinese/ translators who could Translate Korean/Chinese to English.

Make sure you do have knowledge of the Korean/Chinese language and NOT translating using Google Translator(or any other translator software).

2. Contributors & Author(Music Shows) positions opened

A Contributor's job is to help our current staff by updating the site with Korean news

An Author's (Music Show) job is to post the music shows(Mcountdown,Music Bank, Music Core,Inkigayo)


1. Create a wordpress account
2. Fill up the form below :

Age: ( We do not have an age limit, but please do take it seriously and be responsible)
Time Zone:
Wordpress Email:
Position: (Author/Contributor/Translator)
Twitter: ( We would prefer it that you have an account to communicate)
Facebook Email:(NOT link)

email in your application to Jaz@dkpopnews.net

Send in your application and we will brief you in detail. Trial run for new staff's will be till mid of April and you will be posting on wordpress instead.

Please do check your email regularly

Note: Currently, DKP is preparing to move to wordpress(The domain name will remain the same(meaning the web address will still be dkpopnews.net, do not worry)). We are currently revamping and organizing our sort of organization chart.

We are looking for dedicated translators who could at least translate a few articles a day and authors/contributors to be active at the same time.If you think you have got what it takes, then email in your application !