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Overlooking Prohibitions! 2PM's A to Z

The year 2010 was largely swept up with K-POP girl groups.
This year the boy groups need to be checked out!! This time it's the complete coverage of the "K-POP No.1 Ikemen* Group" that DD Magazine department has whittled down and acknowledged to be the K-POP boy group "2PM"!! Their average age is 22 years old. What are the performances like for a group who calls themselves "beasts"...?!

ASIA --Asia's Strongest!?
At the average age of 22, they are called "Asia's strongest." In 2008, they spectacularly debuted under their genius producer, J.Y Park (Park Jinyoung), who is known in Korea for producing Rain and god, as well as others in the past, and they possessed the number 1 spot on every chart for "Again & again" from their 2nd single "2:00 PM TIME FOR CHANGE"! In 2009 they won the biggest award "Artist of the Year" at South Korea's largest music award show "2009 Mnet Asian Music Award," thus sending their popularity to all of Asia!

Beast --The Reason They're Called Beasts
In Korea the word "jimseungdol" = "beast idol" which is the name they took on because of their overflowing intense emotions and fierce dancing! They are certainly of the "carnivorous type"! Make no mistake, Japanese girls have become captively bored with the herbivorous type men of Japan★

CD release!! --The Super Premium New Album!?
March of this year is the highly anticipated release of their new album! However, it's not just an ordinary CD album. The super premium contents that fans cannot help but be anxious for are...? Details [later on]!>>

Damage --There Are also Difficult Times...
They who are building a magnificent career. But by no means was it because they were ever unprofessional! At the peak of their popularity in the fall of 2009, their leader Jaebum withdrew! There was an hour of crisis they fell into about disbanding the group, too.... After climbing up from the damage, might they perhaps be the strongest they've ever been?!

Erika Umeda --K-POP Freak Recommendations!
The well-known K-POP freak model, Umeda Erika chan. She raved over 2PM's music too! Erika chan's comment is [later on]★>>

First visit --The Full Story of Their First Visit to Japan!!
The members made their first visit to Japan in order to target those who purchased the first press of their Japan debut DVD that they released on December 8, 2010, and for their '2PM Platinum Showcase LIVE "2PM 1st Contact in Japan"'! As for the reporter's interview, please review the popular model Umeda Erika chan's report later on!

Group name --Why "2PM"?
2PM is sort of different for a group name. The origin of it is that 2 o'clock in the afternoon is supposedly the hottest time of the day.

Height --The Average Height of the Members Is?
The average height of the members' tall figures is over 180 cm. Therefore, it's easy to notice the style of their dynamic performances!

Interview --There Was also Laughter!
During the reporter interview they had when they first arrived in Japan, December of last year, there was explosion after explosion of unexpectedly hilarious answers to the questions made by the MC! That these ikemen were also funny was too amazing Interview details [later on]!>>

JYP --The Narrow Division of South Korea's Music World!
In South Korea, SNSD, etc, belong to SM Entertainment, BIG BANG, etc, equally belong to YG Entertainment, and another one of the 4 most powerful entertainment agencies in the music world of South Korea is JYP Entertainment. The 2PM members have said that it's difficult to become a trainee for JYP Entertainment and the training adds onto their true ability!

Kashi* --A More Profound Taste of 2PM's Songs?
When talking about the K-POP boom, there are very few familiar hangul words. "What are they singing about?!" Those who are interested should definitely get their hands on the Japanese translation booklet enclosed in the CD♪ If you can understand the words, your love will only grow even stronger in the direction of the boys!!

Live tour --The Long-Awaited JAPAN TOUR!
May of this year is the long-awaited opening of the 2PM 1st JAPAN TOUR! They plan to perform 5 concerts from Hokkaido to Fukuouka. The general ticket sale starts on February 19 (Sat) at 10:00 am. Please standby in the meantime!!

Michael --Exceeded Michael Jackson!?
On November 24, 2010, they released their Japan debut DVD 'Hottest~2PM 1st MUSIC VIDEO COLLECTION & The History' which somehow surpassed 'Michael Jackson VISION' released on the same day, acquiring first place on the Oricon daily ranking!!

Nekketsu Danji --The Folklore Program 'Nekketsu Danji'?
The South Korea Mnet show for new trainees 'Nekketsu Danji.'* Back in 2008 they were still JYPE trainees, and the sight of them rigorously training being broadcasted was quite the topic!

O1:59PM* --The Massive Waves of Proceeds From Their First Album in Japan!?
Have you seen the massive waves of proceeds for the long-awaited first album '01:59PM~JAPAN SPECIAL EDITION~' that made its release on December 8, 2010 for their Japan arrival?! The Japanese version's bonus track is the song that created a massive chorus of singing fans when they performed it at their 1st concert in 2010 at Busan, Seoul, the recording of their famous song "Thank You."

Profile --The Grand Opening of the Members' Profiles!
Taecyeon - Birthday: 1988.12.27, Real Name: Ok Taecyeon, Height: 185.0 cm, Weight: 76.0 kg, Blood Type: AB
Nichkhun - Birthday: 1988.6.27, Real Name: Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul, Height: 180.0 cm, Weight: 64.0 kg, Blood Type: O
Wooyoung - Birthday: 1989.4.30,Real Name: Jang Wooyoung, Height: 178.0 cm, Weight: 65.0 kg, Blood Type: B
Junho - Birthday: 1990.1.25, Real Name: Lee Junho, Height: 178.0 cm, Weight: 67.0 kg, Blood Type: A
Junsu - Birthday: 1988.1.15, Real Name: Kim Junsu, Height: 180.0 cm, Weight: 68.0 kg, Blood Type: A
Chansung - Birthday: 1990.2.11, Real Name: Hwang Chansung, Height: 184.0 cm, Weight: 75.0 kg, Blood Type: B

QR --Things You Can Only See With Your Cell Phone!?
2PM's mobile site is complete, too♪ At the monthly rate of 315 yen (tax-in), you can see rare pictures you can't see anywhere else and send messages to them for their birthdays! Fans shouldn't miss out!

Ryougoku --25,000 Fans Were Charmed By Them!
In celebration of their first time coming to Japan in December of last year, they had their first live in Japan '2PM Platinum Showcase LIVE "2PM 1st Contact in JAPAN"' at Ryougoku Kokugikan! As for the full coverage of the live that charmed 25,000 fans, please refer to the second half [of the article]★

Seoul --Every Woman Should Try Going at Least Once!
It shouldn't need to be said that the boys' hometown is the capital city of South Korea, Seoul. Somehow 21% of Korea's entire population lives there! With its gourmet food, shopping malls, aesthetics, and more, it's a city full of charm♪ Every woman should try to visit there at least once~

Twitter --They're Communicating!
The 2PM members communicate on Twitter daily! It's all in hangul, but you can sense the most recent conditions of the members. The DD Magazine department is also slyly following them!

Universal --An Unusual Phenomenon in Thailand's Music World!?
One of the members, Nichkhun, is actually from Thailand. Until now, J-POP has always topped the Thailand charts, however now it seems they've been establishing 2PM as their national stars! Their efforts are certainly showing all around the world.

TV --Not Just Music...!
The members are largely active not only in the music scene! Taecyeon and Wooyoung are currently participating in the popular Korean drama "Dream High" along with Japanese subtitle versions, and has been receiving high praise since broadcasting on DATV in January!

W* --2PM's Twin Unit?!
In contrast to 2PM's hot activity is the existence of the group "2AM" who gracefully express the sentiments of adults through their singing! They actually belong to the same company as 2PM, JYP Entertainment, and can be called their brother unit. Instead of having charming dances like 2PM, they have established a reputation of having exceptional singing power. Together with 2PM they are called "one day." Perhaps they, too, should be checked out on here?!

seXy --Charms as K-POP Idols!
One can never deny that their charm is "manly sex appeal"!! With the members' tall figures x cool facial expressions, there are no other such idol groups in Japan with their grown-up sex appeal...

Yamanote-Line Shin-ookubo --A K-POP Fan's Holy Land!?
Near the Yamanote-Line Shin-ookubo station is the place called "Korea Town," which is an area where there are a lot of South Korean and Korea-type things, and where numerous people live. There are also many shops that have K-POP CDs and goods, and could even be a holy land for fans of K-POP?! However, always be cautious of any fraudulent merchandise!

Zepp --If You Could Meet Them During the JAPAN TOUR...?
From Hokkaido to Fukuouka, they will make 5 stops nationwide at Zepp locations for their 1st JAPAN TOUR in May of this year! If you want to see the boys on their first tour, you'll have to go to the nearest Zepp (laugh)!

K-POP Freak Umeda Erika's

Their Japan debut DVD placed first on the Oricon daily ranking, they monopolized the Recochoku callback movie daily chart by placing 1st through 5th, etc, and long before their first time coming to Japan, K-POP group "2PM" were able to gather much attention.
K-POP freak and famous model Umeda Erika chan's complete coverage of 2PM's first Japan visit has arrived!

--Why These Japanese Words (laugh)?!
Before they could start their Platinum Showcase LIVE "2PM 1st Contact in JAPAN" at Ryougoku Kokugikan in December, they first held a reporter interview for Japan's media.
The reporter interview was loaded with rare information most likely never heard before!
There is nowhere that the subjects of the interview that was wrapped up in laughter have been more accurate than in Erika's complete report!

MC: Is there something you've learned in Japanese?
Chansung: All-you-can-eat
Junho: I'm prepared
Wooyoung: Happiness~
NIchkhun: No, no, not at all
Junsu: What are you doing~
Taecyeon: Muscles are muscular

MC: Is there somewhere in Japan you definitely want to go?
Chansung: I want to go to a hot spring
Junho: I want to eat ramen
Wooyoung: I want to go to Disneyland and Mt Fuji
Nichkhun: I want to see fireworks
Junsu: I want to go to Shibuya Tower
Taecyeon: I want to go to Kyoto

MC: You're called beast idols, but what does beast idol mean?
Taecyeon: We want to show off a manly "masculine beauty"
Junho: We want to show cool performances

MC: What kind of impression of Japan did you have?
Junho: I like Gokusen, and [in Gokusen] I like Matsumoto Jun san
Chansung: I like Hotaru no Hikari. I hear that Japanese food is really good
Junsu: I like hiyoko manju (bean-jam bun)

MC: If you were to guide someone around South Korea, where would you take them?
Wooyoung: Since I'm from Busan, I would want to go there and eat sashimi together
Nichkhun: Since I come from Thailand, I would rather take the person to Phuket instead of Korea. I would want to eat seafood.

MC: How do you feel about the impending showcase?
Wooyoung: I want to show with my entire body that I'm working my hardest
Junsu: It's a wonderful opportunity! I want to show Japan exactly what kind of group 2PM is

--This is the Rumored "Beast Performance"!!
The Platinum Showcase LIVE "2PM 1st Contact in JAPAN" was held at Ryougoku Kokugikan! Calling them beast idols is appropriate; with their burly physical beauty and powerful performance, the 25,000 fans that gathered for the 3 shows were all completely fascinated.
'Again & again,' 'I hate you,' "Without U,' 'Heartbeat,' etc, from intense dance performances to sweet, heartrending ballads, it was only a short time but they were able to present every one of their charms!
And then they rewarded the full concert hall by announcing that the encore would be '10 out of 10 (10/10).'
At the end they had a surprise announcement about starting their first live tour of Japan in 2011, and the showcase curtain closed in amidst loud cheers★

2PM 1st JAPAN TOUR 2011
2011/5/6 (Fri) Zepp Sapporo
2011/5/8 (Sun) Zepp Fukuoka
2011/5/09 (Mon) Zepp Osaka
2011/5/10 (Tues) Zepp Nagoya
2011/5/13 (Fri) Zepp Tokyo

General Sale
2011.2.19 (Sat) 10:00AM~
On sale at Eplus (http://eplus.jp/2pm) *limit 2 tickets per person

Umeda Erika's Editorial Postscript

I would like to work with 2PM again in Korea. It was the first time I saw them live, but I was deeply impressed that they all danced well and that their level of performance was high!
Just as sure as they are beast idols, their acrobatics were amazing!
They were as much handsome men when they performed as they were greatly able to show love and respect. I recommend the songs 'My life 4U' and 'I'll Be Back.'

Umeda Erika PROFILE
Currently active in SCawaii! and as a character image for ABC-MART!
She's also famous for being a K-POP freak and interacting with artists.

For program appearance information and such, here is her official blog:

[omit info about ALL ABOUT 2PM]

Translator's Notes:
DD Magazine - a portal site for women
ikemen - a term with the loose definition of "hot guys." it's not translated well, so i left it in
Kashi - means lyrics, since they apparently couldn't think of English words for each letter of the alphabet
Nekketsu Danji - "Nekketsu Danji" is the Japanese title for the Mnet show "Hot Blood." In Japan, there is more than one show called Nekketsu Danji, so they wrote it confusing like this on purpose.
O1:59PM - the 0 has conveniently become an O
W - if you're wondering how 2AM goes under "W" it's because W is frequently an abbreviation for the word double in Japan
Umeda Erika profile - I left her profile in case anyone wanted to know who she is

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Translated by: dawnjelly @ Wild2Day.org

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