[Survey] Anyone who is interested to purchase Super Junior SS3 fan t-shirts designed by DKPOPNEWS.NET?

Dear DKPOPNEWS' readers,our blog's design Alex Thomas came out with a few designs for the SJ's SS3 fan t-shirt in Malaysia.

We need to do a survey before taking the next action as we are limited in terms of budget.Here are a few possible designs of the t-shirt that we are going to sell,take a look at the designs here.

We will use the fund raised to:
1.)Create a banner for SS3,fans who wear the t-shirt will have the opportunity to pose with us and the huge banner on the day of the concert
2.)If we are able to raise more funds,we will try to put up an advertisement on local newspaper to welcome Super Junior to Malaysia.

The price of the t-shirt is set to be around RM30,we need to know briefly how many people are interested to purchase the shirt,please fill in the form below if you are interested in buying it,thank you!!

Please note that this t-shirt is opened to Malaysian fans only (for the time being),if the response is good enough,we will host more similar projects in the future ^^

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