[Picture] BEAST Yang Yoseob Revealed His Pre Debut Picture 6 Years Ago!

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I am absolutely wondering, what is happening to our Kpop idols now a days? Recently it was Dongwoon from BEAST who first revealed his pre-debut, elementary pictures to be exact, pictures, another one was Super Junior Kibum who revealed both him and Heechul's pictures during their Banolim years, then again Heechul revealed his high school picture this morning.

So to continue the revelation of pre debut pictures coming from the idols themselves, Yang Yoseob from BEAST just revealed a picture of him in his twitter minutes ago. Well of course it was his pre debut picture which he quoted "For fans, to see this idol past picture.. kkk this pic is on the past 6 years.."

Didn't change a bit right? He just grew taller but the face didn't change at all plus he just became more cuter! Well i'll leave the judgement to you guys, what do you all think? Comment down below!

Full article by:sukira@dkpopnews.net
Trans:@HeyNaZR in Twitter