[PHOTOS] 110212 Big Bang spotted in Los Angeles at the airport + fan account!


A few hours ago, I saw 5 of them in the airport. I’m a VIP living in LA; I received rumour/news saying BIGBANG will be flying back to Korea from LA tonight! I was hesitating to go, because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to see them. In the end I decided to go so that I won’t regret. So I immediately speed my car rushing to the airport, and took these photos.

What I can say…luckily I went, or else I would have missed everything! The first person I saw was the cutest maknae Seungri. I looked at him for a long while, because I was too shocked. Staring at Seungri, I kept patting my sister. My sister saw him and immediately turned back to me, because she was shocked too. Then we clumsily ran to get Seungri’s autograph, showing him GD&TOP’s album. Seungri saw it and said “BIGBANG” pointing to another 4 members. I think he meant “sorry you found a wrong person, I’m not GD&TOP.” Getting out Seungri’s album, my sister said, “No no no.” Immediately Seungri smiled happily. He is really a cute innocent kid. He asked us where we are from, we said we’re from Taiwan, but live here. I want to let him know there are many Taiwanese support and like them!

Then I looked for other 4 members, soon I found Jiyong, TOP, Taeyang, and Daesung. They were checking in. My sister and I stood in a distance looking at them. We wanted to go closer to take photos, but the officers didn’t let us to do so.

I think Seungri was done checking in so he was walking around. When we were waiting to ask for GD’s autograph, Seungri talked to us in Korean. At first my sister and I had no response, then when we realized it, he was asking us do we know how to speak Korean. We said “No, just a little.” Then Seungri didn’t say anything else XD

We were thinking how to call Jiyong. It seemed strange to call real name nor “Ah!”. We were afraid he was going to leave soon, so my sister called softly “GD!”, and Jiyong turned back and gave us autograph XD. After that TOP gave us an autograph too.

What made us frustrated was that…because we forgot to bring Bebe’s (Taeyang) album, while Daesung didn’t have solo album; “Cotton Candy” was a digital single, not even in a single album. When my sister was getting TOP’s autograph, Daesung and Bebe walked in front of me towards them. I kept looking at them, but I got nothing to let them to sign. At first I wanted to let them sign on my iPod, but I was afraid that, those 3 members sign on their own album, but they got to sign on an iPod as if they are neglected.

I saw Daesung smile a bit, that smile made me feel regretful. If I have brought their stuff to let him sign, how good that could be. Even if it doesn’t have (translator note: not sure what she exactly means here), I would like to shake hands with him, telling him I appreciate his talents! So I have decided, when Daesung releases solo album, I will buy 10 to repay him! (Translator note: OH MY DAESUNG! I will do that too!)

Seeing all 5 of them, I have no regret in my life now. They are very cute but very skinny, especially Daesung, I was really shocked that he is so skinny! I hope they will take care of their health, don’t get too tired!

Thanks chingu (friends) for reading my long writing. I hope one day all of you would meet BIGBANG too.

Translator notes: Some Taiwanese/Chinese expressions and slangs were hard to translate. Members' names and Korean words like Bebe, Jiyong and occasionally GD, maknae, chingu were used in the original article.

Translated by DaeToLove
Source: Big Bang Taiwan via Baidu
(Thanks Hayley for the link and DaeToLove for the quick trans!<3)
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