[NEWS]The public criticizes SM’s rebuttal to the courts’ decision

The public points out, “the only thing greed leaves is destruction… they need to draw a big picture”
On the 17th, the Seoul Central District dismissed all injunctions filled by SME against the court’s decision to suspend their contract with JYJ (Jaejoong, Yuchun, Junsu).
In response to the courts’ decision, SM Entertainment rebutted that “the legal battle between SM and JYJ isn’t finished. The courts’ recent decision is only on the injunctions and not on the invalidation of the contract between SM and JYJ.”
SM also claimed, “furthermore, the original lawsuit is still ongoing and the date for pleading the case will begin in mid-March. We will use the original lawsuit to objectively investigate the facts and the truth to prove the validity of our contract with JYJ.”
However, such statement from SM has increased criticism from K-Pop fans. The criticism comes from not only JYJ fans, but also the general public, putting more pressure on SME. Most opinions stems from the belief that SM needs to look at the bigger picture.
The harshest criticisms against SM comes especially from social networking sites.
In response to SM’s feeble attempt to reduce the significance of the courts’ recent ruling, a twitter member (Twitterian) pointed out that “SM, like its name (Sadistic and Masochistic) will continue to torture JYJ.” A different  member sarcastically claimed, “SM is a stalker management company.
Movie critic Professor Shim YoungSup also tweeted, “Will SM faithfully carry out the courts’ decision? If SM continues to hold back JYJ and refuse to follow the courts’ order, couldn’t fans file another lawsuit against SM?
One Tweeterian emphasized, “even the large boulder get cracks and break when water drops continue to fall on it. I believe today’s decision by the courts will not only break the boulder known as SM, but also become the cornerstone for making a cleaner kpop industry.”
In various sites, Netizens pointed out, “instead of only seeing celebrities as products, we need attitudes that respect the worth and rights of celebrities.” Furthermore, they claimed “increasing greed only leads to destruction. We hope SM, one of Korea’s representative management company, will not foolishly continue to grow the public’s mistrust with their myopic vision.
Besides such opinions, voices criticizing SM’s antiquated patriarchal leadership and opinions pointing out the  urgent need to structurally reorganize the entertainment industry caught our attention. Views claiming the need to introduce effective new management methods to change the entire system also raised numerous heads.
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