[News] ZE:A's hold their first fanmeeting ''Happy ZE:A's Day''

ZE:A has succesfully finished their first fanmeeting.

On the February 20th, at 3PM, the group met with 2000 of their fans in Seoul to celebrate "Happy ZE:A's day".

During the fanmeeting, which was divided into two parts (first part - concert, second part - showcase), they were said to show their witty side, never yet seen during other shows. From the start, they managed to lighten up the atmosphere by singing "Man2man", "Mazeltov", "New Star" and "All day long". Minwoo, Hyungsik and Junyoung showed a dance performance, while Taehun, Heechul, Kevin and Dongjun prepared a hip hop medley stage.

Members answered the questions they received earlier and thanked for the last year. Taehun even cried on stage. There was also a surprise birthday party for Kevin's upcoming birthday. Junyoung said: "Because we weren't able to sleep last night, the stage was shaky. We're planning to meet our fans at the bigger stage at the end of the year."

After the first half of the fanmeeting, they revealed two new songs. They worked hard to give the evidence of their new songs and dances (from the new album), to be announced in mid-March.

After two hours, they finished the fanmeeting with the "Bad-talk-sad" and "Love coach" as the encore.

Source: Sports Korea
Translation: Nashirah@EmpireChildren