[News] Yonghwa recommended Hip Massage to Seohyun

On the WGM episode aired on Feb 19th, Jung Yonghwa took Seohyun for snowboarding and taught her some techniques on it. While learning, Seohyun kept falling.
After they returned to their house, Seohyun complained about the pain in her hip. She said that her hip hurts whenever she moves her body. Jung Yonghwa made everyone laugh by asking her “Do you want a massage on your hip?”. Seohyun declined the offer.
In the same episode, Seohyun assisted her hubby, Yonghwa to put on some make-ups. She helped to hold up his inner eyelashes and apply mascara to his eyelashes. They did each others’ hairs claiming it’s Kim Heechul’s hairstyle. After that, they took a picture of themselves and they received a comment saying that they look like sisters.

Credit: newsen.com
Translated by: Taengfan@fanwonder.com