[News] Why did Lizzy not appear in "Running Man"?

The SBS variety show "Running Man" 6 months after launching has a firm foothold in the ratings remaining above 10%. After School's Lizzy joined in the program October 2010. She received lots of love from people after seeing the image of the lovely Busan girl. But many viewers started to wonder when Lizzy did not appear in January.

On February 7, the program's PD Zhao Xiao-Zhen (phonetic) said in an interview: "Lizzy is starring as a long term guest. She has performed well over the past few months, and we still keep in touch. She is still part of the "Running Man" family."

For the first half of the year 2011, Lizzy and the other After School members are focusing their efforts to enter Japan, which may explain her absence. Zhao PD said: "If it is possible, Lizzy can always be added to "Running Man"."

Source: http://kpoppark.com/
Chinese-English Translator: Doris@dailykpopnews.net