[News] Uproaring Concert “SUPER SHOW 3” SINGAPORE

Source: Bintang Indonesia Tabloid Edition 1.029 Year XX First Week of February 2011
cr. Translated by rrongrrong@soompi.com

Coverage of SUJU Concert in Singapore

Super Junior concert “Super Show 3 (SS3)” in Singapore is not only important and most anticipated event for ELF in the Lion Country alone. Hundreds of Indonesian ELF also made this event as a tool to fulfill their dream: meet the 10 Korean male idols. They are Leeteuk, Heechul, Sungmin, Donghae, Shindong, Yesung, Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, Siwon, and Kyuhyun, plus two Super Junior M members, Henry Lau and Zhou Mi. Hope of watching SS3 concert in our Archipelago is getting thinner, thus why ELF Indonesia stormed SS3 in Singapore. Since ticket sale opened in last November, ELF tried hard to find SS3 tickets which is not cheap: 211 and 161 Singapore dollar or about 1,5 and 1,2 million rupiah.
The hardness on getting a ticket was also added with a hunt down of Super Junior members in Singapore. Came all the way to a neighboring country, feels unsatisfied if only watched Suju in a concert. So, ELF did a stalking* preparation aka spying on Suju members’ activities. As usual, airport and hotel is the main target. Thursday (27/1) afternoon, ELF collectively went to Changi International Airport after receiving news that two Suju members – Leeteuk and Heechul – will arrive in Singapore earlier than their band mates. Unfortunately, until their estimated time passed, these two members hadn’t appeared. Same situation happened on the next day, when six Suju members – Sungmin (Yesung)**, Donghae, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Eunhyuk, and Shindong – were scheduled to arrive in Singapore. Fans who planned on welcoming them at the airport also couldn’t find traces of their idols. Oh right, due to tight shooting schedules, Sungmin and Siwon will catch up on their friends Saturday morning (29/1).

Light accident of Heechul and Leeteuk
SM Entertainment and (Running Into The Sun) RITS as EO have special strategies to hide their artists for security purposes. When fans smelt traces of Leeteuk and Heechul in a van car that was suspected to carry them, they’re immediately chasing it. Because of these chasing fans, van car that Leeteuk and Heechul rode was involved in a 7 cars pile up accident. Fortunately nothing fatal happened. After the accident, to the fans, Heechul sent a message to take care and not to do anything endangered. “Now, if you want to see us, come to the stadium. Everyone is in danger. I don’t want to have bad memory again,” said Heechul. Understandable, Heechul had a bad memory about car accident. In 2006, he had a severe accident after his visit to the funeral of Donghae’s father. His hip bone and leg joint were broken, ended up being hospitalized for 12 weeks. In 2007, severe accident also made Kyuhyun got into critical condition. Fortunately, what had happened in Singapore yesterday only resulting damages at the front of the car.
Suju’s security in the real world is very tight but in the virtual world ELF can easily find out about their idols’ whereabouts. A fan base Twitter account got info, Suju members had crab for dinner. They ate in the rooms and not went down to the restaurant. Through personal Suju member’s Twitter, ELF can get the newest photos plus their comments directly. Aside from uploaded his photo in a hotel room and backstage, from Twitter account @heedictator, Heechul expressed his admiration on super clean Singapore country. “Beautiful Singapore!! Clean Clean!!,” he wrote.

ELF Indonesia exist
As soon as the ticket sale’s open, 5.000 SS3 tickets were sold out in just 1.5 hours. Noticing so many people wants to watch, RITS Singapore decided to add SS3 concert who actually only hold on Saturday (29/1) into two days. Audience who didn’t get Saturday ticket can now purchase the second show ticket which will be held on the next day. But there are also many ELF who already bought the first-day concert ticket and still bought the second-day ticket. Cloudy weather and rain didn’t put down ELF’s spirit who’s gathered around Singapore Indoor Stadium, where the concert were held. Though first-day concert started on 7pm, ELF has been filling the concert location since noon. Aside from mosh pit ticket holders who need to obey first come first serve rule condition, concert location were surrounded with a lot of ELF projects. A group of Singapore ELF held a project by giving out card, photo, fan, and a birthday note to celebrate Kyuhyun’s birthday on last February 3rd. Some other held a banner with Leeteuk’s picture in jumbo size.
Indonesian ELF don’t want to miss the momentum. Indonesian ELF Project group made customized Indonesian ELF t-shirt, a banner with “Indonesia Love Super Junior”, also real gold layer medallion to be given for each of Suju members. For this project, Lia and friends collected money through profit from selling those t-shirts and donation promoted through Twitter. "The donation is not much, only about 2.5 million (rupiah). But we’ve managed to make this project,” said Lia happily. They’re happier later on because they’ve managed to give the medallion and it was worn by Yesung, Siwon, and Eunhyuk during the concert!

Heechul: “I’m Genius!”
Bintang watched the concert in day two. Unlike the first one, second concert started earlier, around 16.30 Singapore time. Previously, Suju members held a press conference. Leeteuk as a representative of his friends expressed his happiness to be able to meet their fans in Singapore. When MC said that their concert tickets were sold out within 1.5 hours, Eunhyuk said, later on he wants Suju concert tickets sold out in lesser time. “We’re thankful to all fans for big support. In the future, we’ll work harder to give a great performance, so later on our concert tickets sold out in 30 minutes,” said Eunhyuk. As usual, Heechul’s comment brought laughter. When asked about why he choose to imitate Lady Gaga’s style at SS3 concert, he casually answered, “I’m genius! For Super Show 3 we want something so powerful and influential. So, I came up with 3 partners here: Donghae, Shindong, and Eunhyuk. We dressed up like Lady Gaga and Beyonce and entertained the audience. And I think we made it,” he said. It did worked. We became the witness how funny Heechul and friends and made SS3 concert audience felt millions of rupiah spent was worth it.

Crowded But Orderly
Three hours before the concert, Bintang already in line to the entrance of the concert arena. The queue looked quite long. But we’re happy to see that everything went orderly. The line is neat, so queuing for quite a long time didn’t make us sweating. Sitting on the outside platform of the arena while queuing was also cool because it’s indoor and the rain didn’t get in.
Few minutes to 16.00 Bintang and the whole audience were already inside the stadium. At once, we were amazed when we saw this awesome stage design – more awesome than when Bintang watched “Sushow 2” in Malaysia last year. First few minutes we were presented with sponsor advertisement, up roaring scream were heard when on the big screen came video showing the winner of Suju dance competition. Imagine that, just by hearing their music, without the presence of those ten handsome men yet, it’s already up roaring! The scream is getting louder when the big screen switched to play video of Suju members’ message about planning of Sushow in Singapore.
“Hello, we are Super Junior!” they said in the video. “Come on Singapore fans, celebrate happiness with us because finally Sushow is here in Singapore!” said the leader Leeteuk. They’re all cheering. Eunhyuk even jumped madly while pushed and hugged Donghae. “Why Eunhyuk?” ask Leeteuk. “I’m so happy because it’s our first concert in Singapore,” he said with an innocent and funny face. Leeteuk hope the stadium will be full of fans, so they can share happiness altogether. This wish comes true. The stadium filled with ELF loyally enjoying the show from start to finish, which took around three hours.

Filled with Satisfaction, Laugh, and Tears of Joy
The concert really started. Donghae came on stage with sling in the middle of the stage wearing a white suit. Then one by one other members showed up and sang hit song “Sorry Sorry”. Flashes of light and colorful lamps made the situation even brighter. Bintang who’s watching under the stage can feel the excitement. Suju live performance was way better than what we’d expected – plus their faces are very handsome and never got bored to stare at them, hehehe. Choreography by Nick Bass, the man who used to collaborate with Beyonce, Kylie Minogue, Justin Timberlake, and many other famous musicians, amazingly practised by Suju members.
No less than 35 songs were sang by the whole Suju. Each shown their talents. Sungmin with his guitar. Eunhyuk, Donghae, and some other members made our eyes wide open with their astonishing dance abilities. Yesung, Siwon, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Henry Lau, and Zhou Mi who had the opportunity to do solo performances were also shown their beautiful voices. Two thumbs up for Henry who unexpectedly sang “Baby” of Justin Bieber with playing piano at the intro. We’d never guessed that that song was the one to sing – with super lively choreography. Audience can’t help but to sing a long. Can u imagine how cool it is?
No wonder in almost every song, up roaring scream from the audience made the concert sounds much more alive. Started from “Super Girl”, “Don’t Don”, “No Other”, “It Has To Be You”, until “Bonamana”, all were sang out loud by the audience. The most up roaring is a surprise from Lady Hee Hee aka Heechul who dressed up as Lady Gaga ((I) swear Heechul is handsome as a man, pretty as a woman, hahaha) and sang “Poker Face”. This hilarious scene continue with the presence of Shindong, Donghae, and Eunhyuk who danced supersexy with hits “Single Ladies” and “Crazy In Love” by Beyonce. Audience’s emotion goes up and down. There were times when we’re laughing out loud – like when Heechul showed up and said his signature slogan: Singapore clean clean and Singapore it’s my life! There were times when we’re silent and touched, especially during video tribute to beloved best friend, Kangin, who is in military service.
This missing feeling symbolized with Suju members playing violin – only in imagination – with such beautiful melody and cuts right through audience’s deepest bottom of the heart. The message is so spot on; they may not able to touch directly, but Kangin always and will be in their hearts. Then Kangin showed up on the big screen, reaching for his best friends one by one. Situation is heartwarming and friendly. At the end of the video, white heart-shape confetti were spread out and makes our hearts felt tighter. We really miss you, Kangin!

Concert of All Kinds of Super
In short, the title phenomenal held by Suju is not a joke. Bintang is a witness of how they kept their stamina from start to finish. Even though there’re a lot of jokes, their vocal and dance live performance is very special. Each member has their own ways to please the fans. They’re walking and running around here and there to get close to the audience. That kind of hysteria is very hard to put in words. You really have to experience yourself with this watching experience. Superfun, supercool, super up roaring, super touched, super excited. No mistake on calling this as “Super Show”!

Bintang even felt the atmosphere of running around, caught up with audience’s wave who stood near the stage, always on the move to get the best position, wherever the favorite member is. But from all of it, the most memorable moment is to see all kinds of reaction and response of the audience after the concert finished. Even though they’re tired, smile and laughter kept showing in their faces. And don’t be sad, some even got teary eyes because they’ve cried a lot of tears of joy. “Finally the dream to see Siwon came true. Tonight I’m gonna have a good sleep and wonderful dream,” said Wulan, one of Siwon’s fans who can no longer hold her tears of joy. Bintang also has a wonderful dream. Thanks for the great show, Suju! Hopefully we can meet again in Indonesia soon, right. riz/yoci

* all in italics were originally written in English
** writer’s mistaken Yesung with Sungmin