[News] U-Know Yunho and Seohyun became school uniform models?

Recently, the photo of TVXQ’s leader U-Know Yunho and SNSD’s maknae Seohyun in uniform had surfaced on online community boards.

However, idol stars are usually not selected for school uniform CF. The two of them became the models for a school contest’s printed ads targeting at teenagers.

At that time, U-Know Yunho had just debuted with TVXQ while Seohyun was still a trainee and a secondary school student. Seohyun’s long hair and big eyes plus Yunho’s good student image with a book in his hand added more ‘young and fresh’ feel to the ad.

Netizens who saw the ad commented, “Both look young and fresh….”, “It really gives a warm feeling”, “Yunho and Seohyun look compatible to each other” and “Both of them are so cute”.

Credit: nate.com/newsen.com
Source: Fanwonder.com
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