[NEWS] Super Show III In Thailand "Fandom's Passion Is Warmer Than Korea"

Boy group Super Junior had finished their concert in Thailand with great success last 15th (of January) (local time).

Super Junior, who are in the middle of their Asia Tour, realized their hot popularity in Thailand and have returned. From the entrance of the concert hall, until the performance starts and up till the end of it, the Thai fandom’s passionate love can be seen with your own two eyes.

They’ve manufactured Super Junior dolls, stationeries, keychains, posters and more, and directly sold them in front of the concert venue. In the items which have the faces of the members embedded on each and every one of it, their love have been embedded within.

The Thai fans’ passion was even warmer within the closed walls of the performance venue. It can be seen that they are able to follow the members’ songs in Korean, are able to understand all the Korean words that the members were using, laughing at jokes and more, showing an active image.

The Super Junior members were touched by their appearances, and worked even harder at singing and performing for them. The members climbed onto the stage while putting on women’s clothes and wearing unique costumes, repaying the Thai fans’ love.

Source: TVDaily
Translated By: eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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