[News] Super Junior, Published in Iranian Magazine! “Becoming Universal Big Stars?”

Super Junior is receiving attention worldwide.

Super Junior appeared in a publication of a specialty magazine recently in Iran. In this first issue of the magazine, it contains a personal interview with all of the Super Junior members and their individual profiles, which is explained briefly in Persian, and also has a variety of individual and group photos included. This magazine also has plans to do special editions covering other popular Korean idol groups apart from Super Junior in the future.

Super Junior has already attracted an amazing amount of popularity in other Asian countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and others. In particular, they have occupied the first place on the Korean/Japanese charts of various music sites in Chinese-speaking countries for more than 30 weeks, and also having sell-out concerts as cases in point. They have also drawn hundreds of fans and reporters to the scene after passing through the immigration. However, recently they have extended beyond Asia, gaining popularity in Slovenia, Argentina and various other locations worldwide. In the year 2010, Argentina’s* Listas put up the top 30 rankings of “The Sexiest Men in the World”, (whereby) all of the members’ names appeared (on the list), (and) a Slovenian newspaper also reported about their agency and album sales. The amount of interest they are gaining could be clearly seen. The attention-catching point is that Super Junior has never been to these countries before.

An official from their agency SM Entertainment said that “Somehow, through Youtube and various other video sites, it seems that those who have seen their appearances are giving lots of attention to them. Recently there’s a gradual spread (of information) on the Internet, so in various countries overseas they are able to view the videos closely at real time. That’s why those who have seen their appearances during their activities are showing how much they like them.”

Super Junior is scheduled to meet their Japanese fans on the 25th and 26th (of January) through the “SMTown Live in Tokyo” which would be held at the National Yoyogi Stadium in Tokyo, Japan for two days.

* As pointed out by several forum members (Alissa and k-u-m-o-r-i), it’s actually a Peruvian poll rather than an Argentinian poll.

Source: Sports Chosun
Korean-Chinese translation by natali @ MyKRY.com
Chinese-English translation by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Thanks to arenata @ SJ-WORLD.NET for the heads up!