[NEWS] Seungri's VVIP album critic by 100 beat.com

Seungri’s mini album has been released. It is like that his solo activities started slower than other members who have either released their albums or singles and have consolidated their individual images. On the contrary, even since Seungri released ‘Strong Baby’in 2008, it has been a long time for him to release other solo songs. We can still feel the pattern of ‘Strong Baby’ has sustained in his new album.
The introductory songs ‘VVIP’, ‘What do you want’ convey a trendy and sexy feeling coupled with his fashion, his stage is always powerful. There are parts which resemble to the music style of Justin Timberlake. He is able to present his image as a young boy in the amazing music. For the second half of the album, what he presents is with his unique style of music via which we can feel his masculinity.
From ‘Strong Baby’ to ‘VVIP’, we can see there are traces of Justin Timberlake in his music. The image of boy that he gives is contrasted to the sexy image he has in the same album. Comparing with other member, Seungri has a relatively strong character. VVIP contains a new music style but it suits him. Following VVIP, we are looking for another one which includes more songs of this style.

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Korean critics: 100 beats.com
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