[NEWS] Seungri's interview with Choi Pilgang & DEE.P on Melon

A very timid blood type A group, Triple A. Choi Pilgang and DEE.P and the singer, Seungri, have all gathered together to work on Big Bang's youngest member, Seungri's solo album. He has come out of his youngest member image and have debuted into a solo singer and have worked greatly together and was able to show off his hidden talents and Pilgang and DEE.P were pleased with the results since they always looked at him as a young singer. They worked together and among them they ignored the stress and freely talked about the things they wanted and were able to finish Seungri's first debut album.

Please introduce the two producers yourself that you worked with during this solo album.
Seungri: They are two new producers who were accepted into YG, I worked with Pilgang for the Big Bang song, "I Don't Understand" and with DEE.P, he worked with Se7en on his last album.

As a producer, what was your first impression of Seungri?
Choi Pilgang: When I first came into YG, everything was very new and out of all the singers, Seungri was the first one that came up to me. When we were working together on the song "Open the Window", I thought, "Oh, I want to keep on working with him."

DEE.P: When I first saw Seungri, I was surprised because he was so friendly and nice that he didn't seem like a celebrity. I felt like he wasn't Big Bang's youngest member, Seungri, because he was very compassionate and made it easy for me to approach him and I'm still thankful for that.

As an artist, what's the first song that you showed to the audience?
Choi Pilgang: I don't remember exactly, but I think it was DJ DOC's 6th album, I Wanna.

DEE.P: It was "Better Days" by Doy

We talked a little bit about this during the beginning but can you introduce and talk about Seungri's solo album?
Seungri: I don't like singing sad songs. I wanted to make songs that were fun and lovely. That's why on this album, there are songs about love and songs that are towards the fans and of course it can never be 100%, but it's an album that I'm pretty satisfied with. I would be thankful if the fans felt that as well

C: Seungri worked on it very hard. Although it was done within a short time, I think it's an album that can't be measured with time. Isn't this Seungri's debut album as a singer/songwriter? (Laughs) I think that's enough to make it meaningful.

D: I think this is an album where Seungri's hidden potential was found. Seungri might have not known it himself. There's a certain soul contained in it and we've put it that much effort and I'm sure the people who are listening to it will be able to feel it.

Out of all the tracks, which song was the song that you guys had a hard time making? Can you tell us an episode?
SR: Rather than a hard time, probably the sync between the three of us? I think if we weren't in sync together then there's no way these great songs could have been produced. For "White Love", Pilgang was playing some chords and he told me to try singing it and then we made the melody and produced the song in 1 to 2 hours.

C: For this album, we didn't just sit in front of the computer and produce all the song, instead we played the guitar and other instruments as well and worked on it freely by putting in our inputs on the parts that we all liked.

D: Although Seungri sat down and wrote the lyrics, he would listen to the melody and write the lyrics while humming to it. He would write down whatever comes to his head during that time and I thought this was no joke. Seriously, a lot of songs were made that way and most of them are on the album.

These days, IU is receiving a lot of love and it was hard to miss about the fact that you guys are doing a duet together so we're curious about how that was.
SR: She sings really well. We thought about this for a long time and we thought IU would be perfect. Truthfully, before IU debuted, we said that we should sing a duet together when we get the chance. So it became a reality and I'm really thankful and thanks to her, the song turned out well. so I'm happy.

Were there any troubles while working on this album?
SR: While working on the album together, the three of us made a group called Triple A. All of us are A blood types, so we were careful about working together and there were no trouble.

C: I heard that he doesn't buy food a lot, but we only saw him buy food. It seems like he wanted to treat us well. (Laughs)

D: I was physically tired and I gained a bit of weight. We're a lot older and I think it's because the youngest member Seungri bought us a lot of food. I seriously think we tasted all the best food in all of Seoul.

As a writer and producer, you worked on all of the songs. Can you explain how you became the writer and how the producing process was?
SR: As the youngest member of Big Bang, I learned a lot by watching the older members. I always thought that when I get the chance, I would be just like them. I once again felt that while producing, making a song is this hard. I think that I was able to make an album that I'm satisfied with because I got a lot of help from the people around me.

All this time, you guys wrote songs that were deep and very new, but was there something in particular in this album that stressed you out during the production?
C: I think we were stressed at the fact that we all had to work together. We had to think about each other while working, so at times it was hard, but it was like "really tiring but it's fun."

D: There are times where I have to be stubborn as a writer, but during this time, I hoped that we could make music that matched well with Seungri and because I felt that way I worked hard to make sure that happened.

Let us know of your future plans.
SR: First of all, I'm going to work on the solo album as best as I can so that I have no regrets. Also, Big Bang's album album will be released soon and in February, we'll be having our Big Show and I'm working hard so that I can meet all the fans with a great new look.

C: Just like I've been working with Seungri, I will be working with other YG artists and making various styles of music. You can have high hopes for that.

D: I believe I'll continue my best to make great music and I think I'll be working hard.

Lastly, is there anything you want to say to each other?
SR: I think I was very lucky to be able to work with them and to have that time where we worked together. If it wasn't for them, then these great songs couldn't have been made and I couldn't have made it this far. I will do my hardest so that their hard work doesn't go to waste. "Thank you guys."

C: It's not just me, but all the YG family are hoping that Seungri's album does well. I hope that people who listen to his album will say, "He worked hard, this is a new side of him, and he sings well." "Make a bit hit! Seungri!"

D: This whole album is Seungri's debut album as a singer/songwriter. We watched him as he worked hard even though it was really hard. I believe that not only the fans, but to everyone who listens to his songs, they'll be able to hear his sincerity. "Fighting! I'll always be cheering for you!"

Source: Melon
Translated by: solshin3 @ 21bangs.com