[NEWS] Seo In announcer wearing Yoon Doojoon’s clothes, perfectly reenacting BEAST’s ‘Breathe,’ ‘Explosive masculinity’

MBC’s announcer Seo In, who graduated from Seoul National University’s College of Physical Training, transformed into a beastly man with BEAST’s dance.
On MBC’s New Years Special ‘Dugun Dugun Star Studio of Love’ that aired on February 2nd, announcer Seo In showed a different kind of charm from his normal clean and upright image.
In order to display charming appeal, Seo In danced perfectly to BEAST’s ‘Breathe’ and showed off his explosive masculine appeal. He impressed all the female stars with this tough appeal. Seo In showed his enthusiasm by not only practicing the dance in his spare time but even borrowing clothes from Yoon Doojoon.
Also, SG Wannabe’s romantic guy Lee Seokhoon, Lee Jongsoo who is steadily receiving a lot of for his range of acting performances, and model/young CEO Kim Yongpyo also appeared. They struggled to form couples with the group of beautiful women composed of a ballerina, a music student who plays harp, a pro golfer, and a reporter.
Meanwile, that day the announcer Seo In had the honor of forming a couple of pro golfer Han Seolhee.
CREDITS: Newsen (SOURCE); purpleumbrella@B2ST RISING(TRANS)