[News] Rain is the object of pro baseball player 'Hong Seong Heun's envy

Pro baseball player 'Hong Seong Heun' who is known to be a devoted husband, raised a laugh by saying, "My wife who used to tell me, saying, 'I concern myself with you and no one else', suddenly changed her attitude toward me the moment she saw Rain. So he always makes me a little nervous."

'Kim Jeong Im', 'Hong Seong Heun's wife, said about this, remembering from that day, "I was surprised when I first met Rain, to find that he had broader shoulders than my husband. When the three of us posed for a photo with our arms around each other's shoulders, I found he was exactly the right one for my taste in men."

Just then, 'Hong Seong Heun' looked like a cute guy filled with jealousy, saying baldly, "Live with him!"

Credit to Newsen

Photo : Expo news

Brief translation by rain bird.