[NEWS] The proof shot of Yang Yoseob erasing the writing on wall is revealed !

Eyes are turned to BEAST’s member Yang Yoseob after the picture of Yang Yoseob cleaning the graffiti on the walls himself had been released.

At 5:30 KST on the 16th, BEAST’s manager posted on this own personal twitter, “Let’s not make it harder for our Yoseobie!” and posted up a picture as well.

The picture released showed member Yang Yoseob with his rubber gloves on and washing the writing written on the walls of the dorm’s front door.

Yang Yoseob had also stated on his personal twitter at 2PM towards the Sasaeng fan (fans who stalk the star’s personal life), “Just keep writing there.” The reason that Yang Yoseob had wrote this was due to the Sasaeng fan.

Sasaeng fans appear a lot in idol groups and had been reported on the news in the past by following a star’s schedule by following their car in a taxi and more.

'Sasaeng fans' goals seem to have their idol “oppas,” who they love, realize the potential of them.