[News] Park Myung Soo feels threatened by SHINee’s Onew’s comedic skills

On the recent episode of "100 points out of 100", Park Myung Soo, feels very threatened by SHINee’s Onew’s hilarious comedic skills.

Not only Onew was good at breaking walnuts with his finger, his comedic skills was good. He has a fast reaction and also great laughter, bringing joy to everyone.
During a segment in the episode, Park Myung Soo stated, “He stole many of my moments during ‘Happy Together.’ I was hoping to never see him again.”
To this, Onew replied, “Ah, yes, I see” and went on to display colorful reactions and a quick wit for ad-libs, once again showing off his emceeing skills during the episode.

Onew is a great entertainer, right?

posted & edited by vannie @ dkpopnews