[News] The One shares his thoughts on TVXQ / JYJ situation

It is absolutely heartbreaking for a parent to watch their children fight and this is exactly how The One (Jung Soon Won) feels watching the recently separated TVXQ / JYJ.

[The One is a mentor to the boys and was most famous for being the vocalist of group Space A in the late 1990's.]

“I first met them when they came back to Korea,” said The One.

He continued, “I told them to not misunderstand each other even though they all want to go separate ways. We had a drink and that was that. But they suddenly got divided into two teams and other artists are talking about the boys, I felt so sad.”

The One wrote a message for JYJ and TVXQ on his personal website. A part of his message read“1+1=2, 1+1=3, 1+1+1+1…=1,” expressing his sincere hope for all five of them to stay together.

“Each of them has different standards but it’s disappointing to have opposite sides. What kind of problems would be there among the boys anyway? Sure, they can argue if they disagree with each other but I don’t think it’s a good thing to have someone else divide them and turn them into enemies.Why can’t we all just wait for them without saying anything?

The One feels like a parent when it comes to five TVXQ members.

He had always watched all five of them perform together. “They were the brightest and happiest when there were five,” said The One as he reflected on the past but he doesn’t want to force or scold TVXQ; he loves TVXQ just like a teacher loves his student.

Source: TV Daily