[NEWS] Naughty Eunjung - 180 degrees image change!

Naughty Eunjung - 180 degrees image change!

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T-ara member Eunjung has just revealed her youthful charm.

Eunjung released her 'naughty girl' concept for the March release of 'Singles'

The naughty girl concept conveyed a 'spoiled brat' image, completely overwhelming the manses with her expression and clothing. The concept was described as "The more we try for the image on purpose, the worse the image will get" - whilst camera flashes were going off.

Eunjung exudes the talent of other fantastic models as well as actors/actresses in her shoot.

Even though Eunjung was seen to be tired from her shooting of 'Dream High' (KBS2TV), she continued to soldier on for this shoot all throughout the morning (starting at 6AM).

We will soon be able to see Eunjung's fantastic talent in 'Singles man about' edition.


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