[News] KyuJong and Youngsaeng Story in Manila

KyuJong and YoungSaeng Story in Manila

It is one of the best fanmeeting held here in the Philippines at the PICC , February 5 , Saturday.

The first part of this fanmeeting is they we're asked several questions about their group and their fans too.
Here's one of the clips:

They performed one of their best and great songs that any Kpop Fans know such as Love Like This English Version performed by Youngsaeng and Wuss Up by KyuJong but with a surprise appearance by Youngsaeng and many more

Then there was this mini game that they played were they tried to make "halo-halo" (Special dessert here in the Philippines). after they made their halo-halo , they picked some fans who will taste the food that they created, the fans are also the one who will judge who's dessert is yummiest. Fortunately, KyuJong won with a score of 39.5 while YoungSaeng got 38. Close fight right ? They showed too their trip in LA as one of their vacation.

KyuJong celebrated his Birthday in the country too. Youngsaeng brought a cake in the stage as one his surprises. The fans sang him Korean and Filipino version of Happy Birthday.

Triple S fans showed a fanvideo also that touched the hearts of the two.

After 2 hours, they bid their goodbyes to their Triple S fans.
Another unforgetable experience for the Kpop fans here in the Philippines.

Here are the other photos that were taken:

Article by: Jea@dkpopnews.net