[NEWS] Kyuhyun Leaves A New Year's Message

Title: Somehow, Today Gives Me The Feeling That This Year I Will Get A Lot Of Good Fortune*
Posted On: 11.02.03, at 21:58

Are you having a Happy New Year~~?
After a really long time I thoughtlessly ate and drank wine and I slept at midnight
And I woke up again so I watched TV and because I got bored I sang a little then I ate and cleaned up the room and I played games then I slept at 9
Then I woke up again so I ate and watched TV then I played games and this is Kyuhyun who after eating again became determined to write this note~**
When did I previously write a note~~? Thinking that I checked and it was almost 1 year ago… Ahahahaha
You know today I celebrated a pleasant birthday~~
Compared to Lunar New Year February 3rd is more important to me, it’s my birthday ㅎ.ㅎ
Obviously 2011 started not long ago.. It did
But before I knew it January quickly~ passed by and “The Three Musketeers” which I thought I couldn’t possibly handle was safely concluded as well
And it’s February
Being my birthday I also received gifts from many places.. I received greetings too and I got really a lot of letters as well
I settled down and I read just the letters for 5 hours and suddenly I had a thought
Who am I to have a lot of people love me so much and greet me like this..
Aside from the fans I’m unable to confidently receive recognition from a lot of people as a singer..
I’m in a stuation where I have a really long long way to go before reaching my goal..
But whether it’s at a concert or on stage or on some special day such as this it makes me slightly more self-reflective..
For the fans who acknowledge and love me who is so lacking
I’ll strive more and I’ll work harder and I’ll run more***~~
Happy New Year ^^
Oh right! I received the gifts thank you *^^* I wanted to upload a confirmation picture.. but I don’t know how to upload pictures here so I pass****
* In Korean, “Happy New Year” is 새해복많이받으세요, which could literally translate to “Receive a lot of good fortune in the new year”; so while he’s wishing you all a Happy New Year, he’s also making a comment about his own feelings about the New Year. The first sentence of the entry can thus be also read as “Are you receiving a lot of good fortune?”
** This entire paragraph was basically in the form of an adjective, translating it without adding punctuation or anything was painful.
*** To run more is just another expression to say he won’t slack off.
**** “Pass” in English.
Original Source: 시크릿
Translated By: GAIA @pastakyu SJ-WORLD.NET
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