[News] Kim Tae Won "When will Heechul enter the military?"

On MBC’s broadcast of Goldfish-Radio Star on the 23rd, Kim Gura caused a stir by revealing that Kim Tae Won had asked when Heechul would enter the military.

During the broadcast, which featured Sin Youngil and Kim Sungju as guests, Kim Gura asked them, “which MC position do you covet the most?” They replied, “Since we started off as announcers, the hardest posts would be the those of Kim Gura and Heechul.” To this Kim Gura replied confidently, “Well, my position is basically matchless and untouchable.” Following, Heechul added, “I also have my good looks.”

However, at this, Kim Gura said, “Actually, I thought Heechul’s position was impossible to replace but Kim Tae Won was wondering when Heechul would enter the military.” Due to previous MC Sin Junghwan being ousted due to charges on suspicions of gambling, the likes of Kim Taewon, Moon Heejun, Tony An jostled for the coveted open MC position.

Heechul had won the MC position from these challengers but felt nervous after finding out there were still many others after his position.

In the meantime, Kim Gura chided Heechul when the latter made a mistake while reading the script. He admonished Heechul, “You will look foolish in front of the announcers,” causing laughter.

Now i wonder when will Heechul enter the military. Is it this year as what the speculations say? Well the official announcement from him will be the final answer right?

By Yoon Bora (bora@jtn.co.kr)
Source: JNT
Translated by Tim Lee / Korea.com