[News] Jihyun's childhood family pictures are revealed on Mr. Teacher

On Echannel's '4minute's Mr. Teacher', 4minute's leader Nam Jihyun revealed childhood pictures taken with her family and flaunted her flawless young looks.

In the pictures, Nam Jihyun, who became a hot topic for the pictures of her superior bare face, is seen smiling with a bright and innocent expression on her face.

Jihyun received pretty similar comments about her childhood smiling appearance and it was proved once again that she was a natural beauty.

During the recording of the show, Jihyun talked about her much cherished younger brother who can be seen in the pictures "When I was a high school senior, my brother used to come to meet me every early morning, I'm sorry that I couldn't go to meet him now that I'm doing promotional activities and that he is a high school senior". She even teared up and felt sorry for not having taken well care of him.

Nam Jihyun's childhood pictures will be revealed in the upcoming episode of Echannel's 4minute's Mr. Teacher, airing on Febrary 23rd at 12:00AM KST.

Source : Osen
Translating & editing : Meeli @4-minute.com