[News] Jihyun expressed gratitude for criticisms of her acting

Few days ago, 4minute's leader expressed her delight at comments that criticized her acting.
On her personal twitter, Jihyun posted "I witnessed something great!.. I took this picture with my phone because I wanted to look at it over and over again" and uploaded a picture. The picture is a snapshot of objective comments made by critics about Jihyun's first acting experience.

The critics voiced their critical opinions about Jihyun's playing "She showcased the character's bubbly charms well but she needs to keep on revising her dialogues and practicing her pronunciation, her vocalization, her breathing, etc."

On this, Jihyun commented "I can reflect on myself with this and even though I had only a little airtime, I appreciate this objective review and I am grateful for receiving interest. I will work harder and do my best" and caught the attention for bravely showing her determination to work even harder.

Jihyun received positive feedback for her first acting role ever in the SBS Drama "It's Okay, daddy's Girl" and for her cameo in Lee Hyun's latest MV for "You're the Best of My Life", in which she displayed her innocent looks.

Source : Newsen via NATE, 4MF_Tweets
Translating & editing : Meeli @4-minute.com