[News] Infinite's Scorpion New Year's Bow Performance "Members Personally Suggested"

The 7 membered idol group, infinite, prepared a special saebae [t/n: bowing to an elder as a sign of giving good new year’s fortune] performance, making it a hot topic.

On the february 5th airing of mbc’s ‘show! music core’, infinite showed a performance of doing saebae with a unique movement during the stage of their 2nd mini album’s title song, ‘btd’.

Instead of gathering into a circle during the scorpion dance part, ‘btd’s highlight, infinite stood in two lines and sent greetings to the viewers by doing saebae and saying “receive a lot of new year’s fortune”.

After finishing the saebae, infinite went back to their own spots and did the scorpion dance, causing them receive more attention.

Shortly after infinite’s saebae performance, viewers posted comments like, “i was really surprised that they showed a saebae performance rather than doing their scorpion dance”, “it’s a stage concept that’s rare to see recently”, “think that infinite is going to become daebak/a hit in 2011”, showing feverish support.

On the other hand, infinite’s company revealed, “they were thinking about how to repay the fans who gave them a lot of love” and “the members suggested the saebae performance, which is how they sent their greetings.”

Source : Newsen
Credits : Infinite Updates