[NEWS] High Ratings Of 14.6% For Strong Heart; “Evidence Of The TVXQ Effect” !

Thanks to TVXQ, the SBS variety show “Strong Heart” snagged the number spot for ratings in its slot. According to the numbers by AGB, the episode of “Strong Heart” that aired on 8 February created a record of 14.6% ratings for nationwide viewership. Compared to last week’s ratings of 9.9%, there was an increase of 4.7%.

Last week’s “Strong Heart” tasted bitterness in terms of ratings, however, they drew the TV audience this week thanks to Yunho and Changmin of TVXQ, who recently made their comeback.
On that day, with their honest charm, TVXQ revealed exciting information regarding the truth behind shoe lifts.
Yunho, who is 183cm, said this of Changmin who is 185cm tall, “To be honest, Changmin is too tall and he’s also too good looking, so I feel very burdened. So I wear cushion insoles whenever I stand next to him,” drawing laughter from the audience with his confession.
Changmin also made the audience roar with laughter when he revealed, “And it’s not just a little. I always feel like he’s floating on air.”
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