[News] Former JYP trainees IU-Kikwang-Hyuna-Eunkyo, "hurricane growth"

Park Jin Young of JYP Entertainment (JYP) has been attracting attentions for trainee auditions of singers that are now active.

IU, Lee Kikwang, Hyuna and Seo Eunkyo.

Seo Eunkyo is in the upcoming girl-group preparing to debut, 5dolls. Hyuna of 4minute and Lee Kikwang of BEAST have also been gaining popularity across Asia.

IU has reached a top popularity with three octaves and her songs "Nagging" and "Good Day". A video of when she auditioned for JYP back during junior high was recently released onto the Internet.

Seo Eunkyo is a rookie with a similar situation to her seniors (T/N: referring to Hyuna who pulled out of JYP because of health issues). Eunkyo recently joined the group 5dolls and soon after the announcement, history of her being a JYP trainee became a hot topic. Seo Eunkyo joined JYP in Elementary school through an audition, but had to quit due to health reasons after being under JYP for 1-year. Now she's a high school student and scheduled to debut soon.

Seo Eunkyo was highly influenced by her mother, who runs a dance school. Since Elementary school, she has performed over 300 times in street performances and is truly a "gifted" dancer.

It's remarkable these now famous stars had ties with JYP in the past.

Note: only translated the parts about Eunkyo.

Source: Nate
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Core Clique - #1 Source to Coed School