[News] Dalshabet's Serri amazes audience on 'The Quiz That Changes the World'

The 6 member group DalShabet, Serri attracted an extraordinary attention.

Serri will be on May 19 episode of MBC 'Change The World' teammate on the VCast.

Serri perform the OST of the movie 'Moulin Rouge' her intense dance captivated attention.

At the end of the stage MC HwanJae said "Strong team! Rookie at first but explosive", Park MinSeong "The fundamentals make of them a strong group" he said.

The agency, said Serri's dance background is since her childhood, with jazz, hip hop, pop dance background. She was also at the National Aerobics Competitions, where she won being an unique award-winner.

source: ASIAE.CO.KR
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