[News] British fans angry over unsent photos from Rain’s MCM Event in London?

After a successful event two weeks ago, it seems that luxury brand MCM tested hot waters with Kpop fans in the UK after the promised photos with star Rain was left unsettled. It has come to my attention recently, that the special photos taken for those who were able to purchase any MCM products has not been emailed yet, after promising at least a week of ‘processing’. 

On a certain Facebook group called ‘Attended the Rain MCM Event’, a string of complaints about them not getting their photos, along with a possibility of not getting them at all due to a conflict with the management started rising up.

The complaint came from Mary, one of the fans who attended and purchased the bag at the event:
i just called the store again and apparently the managements of Rain dont allowed non-official public event pictures of rain with fans to be released and since it was a last minute event arranged by the company cos rain was here on holiday they just trying to get approval by rains managers and whatnot to send out the pictures…..
Whatever but im getting pissed. -__-
That was half my month wages!

Local fans are currently trying to get hold of the store, who were in charge of distributing these photos and has repeatedly told everyone that they are trying to get an approval from Rain’s management agency. The act alone is already a bit of conflict between the fans, organizers and management themselves.

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