[NEWS] Big Bang's "Lies" lingered in Melon chart for 54 weeks!

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This is the chart about the songs which have been in the melon chart (a korean music site for selling music on line and holding pools) for more than 30 weeks. And BIGBANG has captured the 1st- 3rd, 5th and 7 th spots:

1st ~ Lie 54 weeks (2nd week of August,07- 1st week of July, 08; 3rd week of August - 3rd of September, 09)
2nd ~ Last Farewell 45 weeks (3rd week of November, 07 - 3rd week of September, 08)
3rd ~Haru Haru 41 weeks (1th week of August, 08 - 2th week of May, 09)
5th ~ My Heaven 34 weeks (1st week of August, 08 - 3rd week of March, 09)
7th ~ Sunset Glow 31 weeks (1st week of November,08 - 5th week of May,09)

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Translated & Edited: Rice+Est@BigBangWORLD

Source : bbvipz
Credit : DR@bigbangvip