[NEWS] Big Bang will return to promote 6 title tracks at once!

BIG BANG will return after two years.

On Sunday 24th YG released through his blog info on Big Bang’s new album. On the published picture, “2011.02.24″ was written, the date of their return “4th Mini Album” was written as well.

Since 2009 Big Bang has been working on their solo careers and separate units, thus songs under all of BIG BANG have not been released until now that their comeback has been confirmed.

Representative of YG Entertainment Yang Hyun-seok, stated “On the 24, BIGBANG will release their 4th mini album. Except for the intro, all six songs are planned to be promoted at the same time.” he said.

Translated: alee@ibigbang

Source: chosunonline
Credit : xtlover15 @ bigbangvip.net