[News] After Inkigayo's pre-rehearsal Teen Top's C.A.P grabs Changjo by the collar?

Teen Top's C.A.P became a hot topic for grabbing Changjo by the collar after Inkigayo's pre-rehearsal.

On the 6th, on SBS 'Inkigayo''s homepage, a picture of C.A.P grabbing Changjo by the collar could be seen.

On that day, Inkigayo\'s writer asked Teen Top to take a pose after finishing their pre-recording performance but seeing they became stiff, the writer asked for another pose and as a pose C.A.P suddenly grabbed Changjo by the collar.

Moreover, Ricky and Niel seeing the camera showed surprised, frightened poses etc, showing off their cuteness.

-omitted other parts not relating to Teen Top-

Source: My Star News
Translated by: BGSS2Maknae@6teensontop.com