[News] Actor Hyun Bin and Tang Wei Are Busy Promoting Their Movie "Late Autumn"

Chinese actress Tang Wei and Korean actor Hyun Bin have been busy promoting their latest movie "Late Autumn" in Seoul.

The film is a remake of a 1960s Korean film of the same name. The story is set in Seattle, the United States, and is about a short-lived three-day romance between a prisoner released on probation and a counterfeiter on the run.

Tang says even though she has tried some challening roles before, she still finds this particular project very difficult.

"Honestly, every moment was difficult moment for me portraying this Anna character. Telling the story about her life and her emotions is a tough task."

Hyun echoes Tang's sentiment, and offers his take on why it's difficult to pull their characters off.

"I hope you can feel the love between a man and woman with different cultural backgrounds and languages and how they overcome these by filling in the differences with other stuff when you watch the movie."

"Late Autumn" was first shown at the Pusan International Film Festival last year, and has been newly edited for the public. It will open in South Korea on February 17th.