[NEWS] 5Dolls’ Member speaks up about album jacket ‘patchwork’ controversy.

Girl group ’5Dolls’ released an album jacket for their upcoming comeback. The members explained regarding the plagiarism controversy of the jacket photo.
5Dolls revealed their 1st mini album ‘Charming Five Girls with their title song ‘It’s You’ in Mnet M! Countdown on 17th February.
But a problem emerged in a wacky place. There’s an accusation that their album jacket concept combines the look of After School, Wonder Girls, and Miss A.
Netizens evaluated their jacket photo, ‘ Their concept, clothes, pose, etc, are the combination of all girl groups (patchwork) ‘.
5Dolls’  leader , Soomi, revealed , “We know about the emerging accusation because we always monitor ourselves. Actually, we also changed our concept because we changed our title song. We didn’t even know that a controversy like this will happen to us. But I think there’s nothing we can do except doing our best on the stage. We will show you our hard working images, as much as how we practiced.”
Meanwhile, 5Dolls is a unit girl group from Coed School (with 10 members) with Soomi, Hyewon, Hyoyoung, Chanmi, and new member Eunkyo as the member.
They’re currently doing their activities as a new fresh girl group with their new song  ’It’s You’ .
Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20110224n21300
Translation: dianapetrina