[NEWS] 110225 Dalmatian receives support from seniors SG Wannabe & Maybee; "Hwaiting to our magnaes!"


110225 Dalmatian receives support from seniors SG Wannabe & Maybee; "Hwaiting to our magnaes!"

SG Wannabe and Maybee have garnered the attention of the public in sending supportive text messages to the rookie group “Dalmatian” during their appearance in a live radio show.

On February 22nd on MBC Park Kyunglim’s “Starry Night Radio,” Dalmatian was a live guest appearance and received promotions by the supportive text messages sent in from SG Wannabe’s member Lee Seokhoon and singer Maybee.

Maybee and Lee Seokhoon were both listening to Park Kyunglim’s “Starry Night Radio” as Maybee sent in a text message saying, “Hello, this is Maybee. I’m listening to the live broadcast right now. Our company’s magnaes Dalmatian, hwaiting! Give them lots of love” while Lee Seokhoon texted, “This is SG Wannabe’s Seokhoon who is enjoying in listening to the live broadcast. Give lots of love to our company’s family Dalmatian.”

Dalmatian explained, “They’re our seniors in the same company as us” and “They give us a lot of advice and monitor us a lot in which we’re thankful for.”

Aside from this, Kim Yongjoon of SG Wannabe also left a supportive message on his personal Twitter in the release of Dalmatian’s album, showing his love for them.

According to a representative of the company, they said, “Maybee and Lee Seokhoon were coincidentally listening to the radio at the same time and the company was surprised to hear that they texted also. It’s good to see that as a senior themselves, they never hesitate to advice them.”

Dalmatian is currently receiving love for their title song “The Man Opposed” with the support of their seniors.

소속사 선배들의 지원 사격에 힘입어 달마시안은 타이틀 곡 ‘그 남자는 반대’를 비롯해 수록곡 전체가 사랑받고 있다.

The six-member group Dalmatian consists of members INATI, DAY DAY, DARI, JEESU, DANIEL, & YOUNG WON. Each member has their individual talent as they are a male group in expressing their own color as well as being skilled.