[NEWS] 110224 Teen Top, Supa Luv→Charcoal perfectly written ‘Laughing out loud’

Supa Luv→Charcoal(숯불로) [T/N: Sutbullo in Korean]

The pronunciation of the witty chorus with English lyrics of the idol group Teen Top caught the attention of the netizens.

The video of Teen Top's second single album 'Supa Luv' with the chorus' lyrics written in Korean characters became a hot topic.

In 'Supa Luv''s lyrics there's this part 'I got that Supa luv that Supa luv She want my Supa luv my supa luv' which was written not in English but in Korean. 'Babies with charcoal, yes charcoal, refreshing charcoal, just charcoal, great, special and exciting' [T/N: They wrote the English lyrics with Korean words that sound like the English ones] which was liked by the netizens.

The netizens who saw the video showed reactions like "Every time I hear the songs it makes me think about the Korean lyrics and it makes me laugh", "Because I keep hearing 'with charcoal' I want to eat ribs", "The English lyrics written in Korean makes it even more addictive", "I'm looking forward to the next song's Korean transcription", etc.

Source: Newsen
Translations by: BGSS2Maknae@6teensontop.com