[NEWS] Super Junior-M’s Exclusive Interview About “Perfection”, Delighted To Work With Jay Chou

Popular Korean group Super Junior’s sub-group, Super Junior-M (SJ-M) will soon release its new mini-album, along with the addition of two new members. On the evening of February 22nd, SJ-M had a guest appearance on “Music Billboard” in Beijing and held an exclusive interview with Sina Entertainment. They disclosed that their newest style was cooler than their previous one, and had new ideas for the choreography. The album also includes a song produced by Jay Chou and Vincent Fang, which made the members relatively happy and they looked forward to working with Wang Lee Hom and Andy Lau.

Interview with Sina Entertainment on SJ-M’s new album. The new songs are even better than before.
Due to the prolonged time taken for recording of the previous program, it was already close to 11PM when the interview started. According to the introduction done by Chinese member Zhou Mi, immediately upon landing SJ-M had rushed for 4 schedules on that day. After that, they had to go for CCTV program rehearsals. Although the 8 members still tried to maintain the professionalism and cooperation required of idols, their faces could not hide their fatigue. The usually idle Donghae had already started swaying, only the most attentive to their image’s Siwon maintained a a smile. Eunhyuk next to him even jokingly imitated his never changing “acting cool” sitting pose.

However, with a mention of their soon-to-be-released mini album “Perfection”, the members quickly gained back their spirits. Zhou Mi revealed that new elements were added in their new album, such as the sense-stimulating rhythm of electric guitars. The overall feel of their dance was also stronger. “If our style for the previous album was lively and full of sunshine, then the style for this time is even more handsome.” When their aristocratic-style concept, which focused on fur, plaid and suits, was mentioned, Zhou Mi laughed and said the fur hats reminded people of “The Flying Fox in the Snowy Mountains”. Upon hearing the words “The Flying Fox in the Snowy Mountains”, Siwon and a few Korean members immediately burst into laughter. The other members also started laughing knowingly, showing their familiarity with the classic martial arts film.

Happy to be presented with Jay Chou’s song and hopes to work with Wang Lee Hom and Andy Lau.
Another highlight of the album is the song “Love Is Sweet”, produced by Jay Chou and Vincent Fang. This is Jay’s first time writing a song for Korean celebrities and a Korean group. Also, when Jay Chou went to Korea for promotional activities for his movie “Secret”, he interacted with Super Junior. Zhou Mi revealed that their company initiated an invitation to Jay Chou for a song. Main vocalist Kyuhyun expressed his delight in working with Jay Chou, when talking about Jay, he said, “Actually when I first saw Jay Chou, I did not have much of a reaction. However, after watching “Secret”, I was deeply entranced by the charm of his movie and watched it ten over times. After meeting him in Korea, I felt that he was especially friendly and liked him a lot.” Speaking of excitement, a few members even started singing Jay Chou’s “Silence”.

Apart from Jay Chou, the members also wish to work with other Chinese artists. Henry has always admired Wang Lee Hom, who like him, is also good at the violin. Choi Siwon on the other hand “adores” Andy Lau, who worked with him on the movie “The Battle Of Wits”. Siwon even did an impromtu imitation of Andy’s song: “Love you for a million years……” with similar pronounciation and tone. This was very funny.

Eunhyuk’s Chinese is not good, causing jokes. Kyuhyun laughingly said that Sungmin looked like Liu Bei*
This time SJ-M added two SJ members: Eunhyuk and Sungmin. Eunhyuk, who is good at dancing, gave a different feel to the album. The weird-thinking Kyuhyun called Sungmin the Korean version of Liu Bei. “He is extremely kind, caring and has much intelligence.” The two members are filled with anticipation, as they join SJ-M. Sungmin laughed and said “Last time, when SJ-M members went back to Korea, they would always show off and talk about China, their fans and the food. At that time, I was really envious, so I’m very honoured to be able to join this group.” Eunhyuk expressed: “There would be new challenges and opportunities. I hope that with the addition of Sungmin and me, it would give this group a better future. The thought of being able to interact with more fans makes me really touched.”

The Chinese of the original members, who have been to China numerous times, is still of some standard. However, the two newly added members have a hard time listening and speaking Chinese. When Eunhyuk heard the translator saying “Xin Dong” (The Chinese translation of “touched”), he immediately looked confused and did a “Xin Tong” (The Chinese translation of “heart ache”) action. This caused everyone to burst into laughter.

*Liu Bei was a military general, and later an emperor who was known to be a benevolent and caring leader.

Source: Sina Entertainment
Translated By: tiηg♡@ sj-world.net
Posted By: @LoveMyPSB (mypearlsapphireblue.wordpress.com)