[NEWS] Super Junior-M's "Perfection" Mini-Album "Thanks To..."


Just like what everyone knows, after going through so many things, being able to meet everyone with a new image in this new 2011 Year Of The Rabbit, I feel really elated, happy and very excited. Recently, our members had been doing their own activities in different fields, and to not let everyone’s hopes down, we’ve gathered together again! I hope everyone can continue to love us, give us warm applauses to welcome us, I really love all of you.


Everyone waited and awaited for so long, we’ve also put our waiting and awaiting feelings into this~ I hope everyone can give us lots of love~


After a year, Super Junior-M’s newest album is finally released….. Firstly, I want to thank God for helping us to let this album be released on the shelves safely. Despite a lot of difficulties during Super Junior-M’s album production period, I want to thank the SM family and a lot of staff members, who have been giving us a lot of strength mentally and physically. Lastly, our members and our ELF who believes that we will be together forever.. I’m always thankful to all of you, I love you.


The God who has always been taking care of us, thank you! My family who I can’t meet often!! Father and mother I love you~ It must have been hard to meet your son right.. I’m so sorry! I will work harder.. My grandmother, who had been praying for me even before she passed away.. Just as what grandmother hopes, I will become the healthy Ryeowook that pursues victory~!! My brother Jungwook, who would work hard no matter where he is~ You have to learn from me!! Hehe brother I love you~ Grandmother also told me to take care of you~!! You racal, treat me better! My Super Junior members whom I’ve become one with!! I cherish each and every one of you~ I really love all of you^^ Our manager hyung and noonas, HEE STORY’s noonas and workers at the beauty shop who had been working hard everyday because of us, thank you. Yoonjung noona, you have to work hard~!~^^
I’ve always been very thankful towards you, you know that right?^^ Jongseok hyung who rectified me from my body to my spirit, thank you~ really*. If there isn’t SM, a lot of people won’t know Ryeowook~ I’ve always felt very thankful~I will repay you!! Teacher Lee Sooman (,) I wish you good health~Our dearest E.L.F!! I will love all of you forever >o<


Now I’m going to become the real “Asia Anchovy” Thank you to all the people who had worked hard and helped Super Junior-M


As long as there is God, you don’t need to be afraid of anything! As long as there is my father who is looking after me from heaven, I won’t feel tired and at the same time, I also won’t feel exhausted!! As long as I am together with the members that I love, I can do anything!! As long as there is E.L.F watching me, I can do it even more handsomely than anyone else!! Lastly, our Sharp guy Taksama!! Congratulations on your wedding!! Fellow(,) you’ve grown well!! You have to have a happy and blissful life!!^^?? ❤ All the staff members who have worked hard for SJ-M, I love all of you and thank you!

Zhou Mi

Finally meeting everyone with a new album, thank you to all the SM Town family’s staff members who had worked hard for this album, without all of you, this album wouldn’t be born. Everyone, you’ve worked hard! Thank you to the fans who have always believed and supported SJ-M, we won’t let all of you down. No matter now or in the future, we will work hard to make good music!


I want to take this opportunity to give my thanks to many people. First to my parents, brother, and sister who have continually given support and love, I want to thank them. I miss you. Then, to my friends… You all know who I’m going to say, right? You always believe in me, no matter what, you give your complete and total support; I truly thank you. GEN… If there wasn’t you, none of this would be possible! Thank you to Uniquesound and Arqur who have helped me for so many years. In addition, I want to give thanks to the professors at Berklee College, especially Jack Perricone, Jimmy Khachulis, Duane Moody and Ross Ramsay, who kept giving up their precious time for me, sincerest thanks to you. Finally, the person who allowed all this to be realized, Teacher Lee Soo Man, thank you*.

*T/N: Henry used the formal word for “you” in Mandarin, as an indication of respect.

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