[NEWS] Leeteuk & Eunhyuk’s KBS Cool FM “Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio” K-Pop Special

KBS Cool FM (89.1 MHz) ‘Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio’ (10PM) will be providing a ‘K-Pop Map’ special for five days, beginning from the 21st (of February).
The K-Pop craze is spreading beyond Asia to the whole world, and this special, which is designed with “Let’s draw the world map with K-Pop” in mind, will be divided into several categories, such as Japan, China, South-East Asian circle, and the non-Asian circle.
The programme’s DJs, Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Eunhyuk who have begun their Asia Tour, will act as the special correspondents at the scene of the concerts and deliver the K-Pop atmosphere. During this period of time, SHINee will take over as the DJs at the studio, and together with professionals, they would analyse and make a diagnosis about the K-Pop craze which could be seen all over the world.
Also, listen about K-Pop’s popularity through the personal experiences of U-Kiss, Miss A, Brown Eyed Girls, Infinite and others who are spreading their activities overseas to counties such as Japan, China, Thailand and more.
Source: Yonhap News
Translated By: eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Posted By: @LoveMyPSB (mypearlsapphireblue.wordpress.com)